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Welcome to Insomnia's website. We are a pve-oriented guild on Indigo. All applicants are requested to make their username the same as their in-game-name. Also please fill out as much of the application form as possible. 
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Ecnart, Sep 21, 10 4:54 AM.
We need priests/knights. Find some, send them this way.

DOD stats

SweetSizzle, Aug 16, 10 12:14 PM.
DOD stats must be offered in guild first for 48 hours.  Then any EXCEPT PATTK stats can be sold out of guild.  NO PATTAK stats can be sold out of guild.  NO ZS DS or WA gear/stats can be sold out of guild.

Rolls/raids/guild bank/etc

SweetSizzle, Aug 16, 10 11:15 AM.
We have alot of new members so I am going to attempt to clarify these topics in the forums....please see the post under members section of the forums.......


SweetSizzle, Jul 30, 10 4:30 PM.
As you all know we have had a slight split of the guild with Therados going to form the new guild with Necro this week.  I want to say that this to we shall overcome without much of a setback just as we have done many times before in the past.  This type of "moving on" is nothing new to the MMO world.  We appreciate the loyality those that have stayed are showing us and wish those that have left "good luck"  However, I will not punish nor reward this split so they are NOT KOS to us.  If they are red/white/blue...etc standard PVP choices are yours just be respectful no matter what you do.  However, We will NOT be running anything with Syndicate....the only difference between this and the chimera split with Fearless in my eyes is everyone that left knew exactly what they were doing and made a knowledgable choice here.  We also will not be excepting anyone from Syndicate back into this guild either.  We have promoted 2 new officers to fill the gap created by the split so congrats!  We will be raiding and running DOD for stats as much as possible in the upcoming week as well!  Also, this creates an oppertunity for individuals to move up the ranks faster than before with our need to fill our raider roster back up so understand that we will be looking at priests/tanks/dps accordingly to fill these gaps!


SweetSizzle, Jul 10, 10 5:44 PM.
 Let me specify since there seems to be confusion here.....DS ZS and DOD are run in guild only now. DOD stats are to be offered in guild at a reasonable rate or for equal trade  before being offered out of guild. We will specify which stats from DOD cannot be sold at all out of guild this week on the forums.
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